Slowtown House Blend

This bag is 100% recyclable!

Tasting Notes: Chocolate-to-Caramel, Almonds, Smooth Finish
Profile: Medium Roast
Blend: Brazil/Cerrado/Guatemala, Finca el Morito

Size Price
250g: N$120
1kg: N$425

The Slowtown House Blend is a combination from Brazil, Cerrado and Guatemala, Finca el Morito. Our signature house blend brings an impressive balance of body, acidity, taste and aroma with a smooth chocolate-to-caramel finish. The blend is a combination of the great qualities of some hand-picked single-origin coffees.

Today, COOZUPÉ (Brazil’s biggest private cooperative) is the largest private coffee cooperative in the world, producing Brazil’s finest Arabica coffees. Out of the 12 000 member, 43% are already participating in sustainable programs, where the high quality, the care with the environment and the respect for social aspects are paramount.

The El Morito farm in Guatemala is owned by the family since Monterroso planted the first coffee plant in 1979. The cherry is carefully cut and then passes to the wet process. The coffee is then later de-pulped with recycled water. The coffee is alter fermented in thanks for 10 hours and washed with fresh water.


250g, 1kg


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