Slowtown Coffee – the key ingredient your restaurant, hotel or lodge has been looking for

Exceptional coffee will not only result in having happy guests eager to come back for more. It will turn your hotel or lodge into a home. And your restaurant into a watering hole. Thing is, drinking great coffee is about so much more. It’s about community. Family. Friendship. And that is exactly what Slowtown will bring to your table.

Equipment that caters to your needs

We do more than supply you with the best coffee beans available. That’s just where it starts. We want to ensure that those beans reach their full potential: coffee perfection in a cup. For that to be possible, every step of the process, and every element involved, is vital. Which is why we make it a priority to consult you on the exact equipment you need to make that happen, depending on your individual establishment’s requirements. It’s a journey. It’s a partnership. And we will be with you, every step of the way.

In-house barista training

The end result – the cup of coffee that your guests get to enjoy – is ultimately in the hands of those who prepare it. Your baristas. And that’s why we offer in-house barista training. Ensuring that your baristas have the skills and know-how to take our beans and transform them into that perfect coffee moment… that lingers on your tastebuds long after the cup is empty. And sets your establishment apart from the rest.

Slowtown Coffee – tried, tested and adored

Here are a few of our customers. We are incredibly proud to partner with them in making Namibia famous for seriously good coffee.

Happy customers! Here’s what some of them have to say.

“Slowtown Coffee Roasters is one of those places that you can go to, being business or pleasure, where the service is really great, the staff always friendly and ready to serve."

Gunther & Beatrix

"We as Butcher Block Windhoek are very proud to partner with Slowtown as our supplier of their world class roasted coffee beans."

Manuel Savic, Butcher Block Windhoek

"What a treat - the beans, the machine and working with an on-point team! Recommend.”

Stefan Hugo, Tribefire Media Holdings

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