Costa Rica Bromelia Fancy


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Tasting Notes: Chocolate, Walnuts, Creamy Finish
Profile: Medium Roast
Blend: Costa Rica


Size Price
250g: N$110
1kg: N$395

The Costa Rica coffee has dark earthy tones, creamy nut-to-chocolate roasted flavours with a soft clean finish. It’s supremely smooth, designed to put a smile on your face every time.

Palmares Cooperative was founded on January 21, 1962 by 80 small coffee growers in the canton. This cooperative produces some of the finest coffees in the west valley. The coffee farms of these producers have the optimal weather conditions for the production of high quality coffee, fertile land and adequate rainfall.

For over 50 years the cooperative has established a harmonious strategic relationship with the producers through which they have managed to increase the standard of living of more than 1,450 families in Palmares.

Roasted In

Swakopmund, Namibia


Wet Process (Washed)




250g, 1kg


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