Crafted in the heart of Namibia, sourced from the best coffee farms in the world. Slowtown is your Coffee Roastery in Namibia

The Slowtown story starts with the selection of immaculate beans and culminates in the 100% Arabica speciality coffees that we’ve become famous for.

At Slowtown, strong relationships are integral to who we are. Together with great people, we produce great coffee.

It’s been quite a journey. Forging strong, solid relationships with our suppliers definitely didn’t happen overnight. It’s taken us almost a decade. But today, the farmers who supply us with the highest quality coffee beans available, are more than just suppliers. They are part of the Slowtown family. We know the ins and outs of how they run their farms. We know that every step of the process is done ethically and that they value sustainability as much as we do. We pride ourselves in being able to help them do this. While never compromising on the quality of our beans.

And that’s just it. We believe in bar-raising quality. We believe in sourcing the best beans, and investing in the best roasting equipment available. There’s no step in the coffee-making process that we’re willing to compromise on. We are constantly learning, evolving and breaking our own boxes to make sure that our coffee sets a new standard. After all, why can’t world class coffee roastery come form a small seaside town in Namibia? We’re here to prove that it can.

The best equipment + innovative software = consistent excellence.

Diedrich CR-25 Roaster

Our Diedrich CR-25 Roaster enables us to roast with absolute confidence and consistency. Renowned as the best speciality coffee roaster available, it does the beans justice and enables them to reach their full-bodied potential.

100% roasting consistency results in the highest quality coffee available

The biggest return on investing in the best equipment and software on the market, is knowing that we offer consistent excellence. It’s not a “roll of the dice” situation. It’s garuanteed. Every time.


Our Software gives us the tools to go through the process of roasting, cupping and profiling until we find that “perfect coffee moment”. That instant when it all comes together. And when the whole process, every step and all the hard work, pays off.

Slowtown Coffee is the key ingredient for your restaurant, hotel or lodge

Need coffee @ work? Select the Slowtown Kit that suits you and your business best!