The story behind Slowtown - Namibian Artisan Coffee Roasters

Slowtown Coffee Roasters came to life, because we wanted to spend our time doing what we are passionate about. That boiled down to coffee and people. And we wanted to create a space for people who love the same things, to do exactly that. Drink the best cup of coffee in Namibia, while connecting with family, friends and colleagues.

Slowtown – where doing what you love, changes everything.

“Slowtown is a product of discontentment.” Says Dennis, “ I studied Financial Analysis. When I started working in the corporate world, I realised that it wasn’t for me. Too mundane, and far too routined for my liking. I also realised that there were actually people out there who loved their jobs. Who were passionate about what they did. Who woke up in the morning excited to start the day and go to work. That wasn’t me. So I knew I had to change something. I started the process by asking myself what I truly loved. There were a few things, but good (and I mean really good) coffee and community topped the list. And that’s where my journey started. My mission was to supply Namibia with the highest quality coffee beans available. And to create “watering holes” where perfect-cup-of-coffee moments (it’s a thing) could be enjoyed by family and friends.”

Meet the team

It’s the people behind a company that take it from good to extraordinary.

Dennis de Wet

Founder and CEO – Coffee is not just a drink; it’s about so much more! It’s about connecting, relating and sharing.

Rechia de Wet

Interior Decorator and Atmosphere Creator – The space in which you drink your coffee is almost as important as the coffee itself. It needs to be inviting, beautiful, and make you want to sit down and take the time to enjoy your coffee. Even better when shared.

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Behind the scenes

We'd like to introduce you to Slowtown's hosts (our store manages) and to the Slowtown conniceurs (our baristas).

Our Baristas

We can source the best beans in the world. But at the end of the day, the end-result is in the hands of our carefully selected baristas. They are the coffee masters. They make it look so easy, but the concentration and precision involved is what turns great beans into a brilliant cup of coffee. They also know people. There’s nothing like walking into one of our coffee shops, being greeted by name, and having your favourite coffee made before even having to ask for it.

Our Store Managers

Every one of our stores tells a story of its own. They all have their own look and feel. Their own character. And so much of that is thanks to our store managers. They are the hosts, welcoming you into their space. They are the ones making sure that we stay true to our essence and create a place where the community gets to thrive.