Slowtown Coffee Roasters Swakopmund – where the art of slowing down started

Swakopmund is special. Not only because it’s one of the most beautiful coastal towns in the world. And seriously, it is. But because it’s where the Slowtown dream became a reality. It’s where owner and founder Dennis, was able to share his relentless passion for brilliant coffee, not just with his loved ones, but with his community. It’s where the heart of Slowtown started beating. And to this day captures the essence of the Slowtown way of thinking.

Opening hours
Mon - Fri 7:30 - 16:30
Sat 8:00 - 13:00

Rolling white sand dunes, lulling waves and Slowtown Coffee

Taking a sip of the most superb coffee. The smell of the sea and freshly ground coffee beans playing tricks on your senses. Enjoying some down-time with the people you love, while making new friends. All of this and more awaits you at the Slowtown Coffee Shop in Swakopmund. Enjoy!

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