Guatemala Finca El Morito

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Tasting Notes: Roasted Almonds, Chocolate, Creamy Finish
Profile: Medium Roast
Blend: Guatemala

Size Price
250g: N$120
1kg: N$425

This medium roasted Guatemalan coffee is characterised for being elegant & ‘outstanding’ in the cup and its complexity varies and exposes a great array of flavours from exotic and tropical fruits, to dark and intense caramel and chocolate. Try it … you won’t be disappointed!

The Morito farm is owned by the family since Monterroso planted the first coffee plant in 1979. The cherry is carefully cut and then passes to the wet process. The coffee is then de-pulped with recycled water. The coffee is later fermented in tanks for 10 hours and washed with fresh water. Depending on the customer’s taste the drying process can be done in two ways: the coffee is placed on patios to dry naturally or in a drying machine at 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

The family Monterroso also addresses social support to their workers and surrounding communities, so they activelly contribute to the conservation of natural forests in the Mataquescuintla area, and work closely with neighbouring towns to provide health and education.


250g, 1kg


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