It all begins at sourcing the best green coffee beans we can get our hands on.
Once we’re happy with the quality of the green bean we turn to our trusty Diedrich CR-25 Coffee Roaster and start the process of getting the very best Profiles in order to extract the unique characteristics out of the Green Beans. This takes hours of sample roasting and cupping in order to get the potential out of the bean, we think it’s well worth it.

Coffee shops – Hotels/Lodges – Offices – Retail Shops – And anyone in-between. We offer a wide range of coffee’s which suit all types of wholesale clients, from espresso beans to breakfast filter coffee. Please contact us for an updated Wholesale price list and any other queries, we would be more than happy to help.

Experience has taught us that no client is the same and that the specific needs tend to change.  We therefore offer a range of Coffee making equipment specifically sourced for each individual client’s needs – from budget to turnover to brand preference. Please contact us for a full quote


Central American


Please contact us for an updated price-list.